Friday, April 5, 2013

What do you see when you look at a Rose?

Many years ago one of my teachers of meditation would take us through a visualization that would include a Rose.  She would have us to look at the rose and picture the color, ( I know that to some of you this may come as a surprise but the color I saw was red, a deep rich red).  And then she would have us to to be as tiny as a fly and fly into the Rose, feeling the velvetness of the petals and smelling the rich potent fragrance!  And as we were experiencing this we would then fly deeper into the center of the Rose.

Even before this experience I loved Roses and this meditation made them come to life in a new way, but this view that I have I do recognize that you may not have.  You may see a Rose and think of the thorns that pricked you every time you would pick them.  Or you may see them as a weed that grows in your garden that was planted by someone who was there before you.  What ever the case may be of how you see this simple idea, as simple as it is, it shows you how you view your world of life and business.

Life is just that simple!  What ever it is that you see in the micro places of your life it is extended and projected to the macro, or larger, spaces of your life.  For example if you see velvet and fragrance, you'll extend that to your relationships, your business connections, your finances, etc.....   So, my question again is:  What do you see when you look at a Rose?